Hello, I am Chelsea Jones

I live in a very small town in Oregon.  Crunchy might be an understatement, I may in fact be a total hippe.  I am a mother of two, hence the name S&H. Sawyer is my wild little man and Halston is my dainty lady baby.  The majority of my days are spent coming up with ways to keep my children from tripping over my sewing machine cords since my entire company is based on my kitchen table.  I spend dinner talking over heaps of fabric scraps and pinning something in the other hand.  You could say that it is not the most conventional way to run a company but it is my passion and I love every chaotic second of it.

I began this company with the idea to create beautiful, timeless, and sustainable pieces.  Each garment at S&H are handmade from start to finish.  The materials chosen are based on a code of ethics, meaning they are organic, recycled, vintage, or locally made.  My dye process is done in small batches to conserve resources.  Everything is placed in a box by my two hands and sent to you.  The packaging is 100% recyclable.  Please give our boxes a new life, use them to wrap a gift, store some trinkets, or simply recycle.  

Thank you for supporting small handmade companies!!!!

My husband, seamstress Hailey and I are the only people behind this company.  My Husband enjoys cutting patterns, Hailey and I split the sewing, then I package everything and send them on their way.  Please keep in mind that being a mama and running a business can get hectic.  I will always do my best to correct, reply, and maintain this company.